Faruq Steel

Faruq Steel Center

A World Class construction material provider Entrepreneurs Evolving as Manufacturing, importing & Supplying Company of quality materials…

Our Mission & Vision

We are empowered with the belief of perfecting our previous self by ensuring quality & we believe in prospective growth in this industry with help of our combination of fresh youth engine & balancing of experienced personnel in steering.

Unicity of FARUQ STEEL

It is not only that we operate industry leading Technical & Compliance, Merchandising, Product & Design teams, or that we are trusted partners to over 100 fully compliant factories. It is not only because we deliver on time, or that our quality is superb, or that we are a fully transparent forward thinking business partner. It is not only that we are your one stop solution offering diversity of product all of that is expected by you and provided by us.

What places us above the rest and makes Faruq Steel unique, is how passionate we are about helping grow your business how genuinely we care about our partnerships how we consider each product to be a work of art and not just a commodity and how we take innovation and sustainability to high levels We will strive to continuously give you competitive diverse and flexible sourcing solutions at competitive prices tailored to your ever changing customer needs

We live by the Spirit of One and believe in Passion for Perfection.